Hi, what is the price for mixing and mastering a song voices+beat? (I'm using one of your leased beats).
And what is procedure for exporting the project and also how long it will take?
Thanks responded on 08/19/2014

Hi, We have 3 packages available. Silver $65 - Gold $85 - Platinum $115. The package that's right for you depends on how much tracks you will have in your session. For example our silver package accommodate up to 16 tracks. Our Gold 24 tracks and Platinum 48 tracks. Turnaround time 5-7 days. For more details on each package please visit Look for the silver, gold, and platinum tables.

Toward the bottom half of the page are instructions on how to correctly export your files depending on which DAW system you're using.

Any more question you may contact us here:


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